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Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

·         Studies have shown that living near an airport increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

·         Western Sydney already has higher than average incidences of cardiovascular disease.

·         Why should this risk factor be increased in Western Sydney by building Badgerys Creek Airport?

Increase rates of cancer

·         Studies have shown that airports produce large amounts of toxic emissions, which cause cancer.

·         Other studies indicate that there are higher rates of cancer around airports.

·         It is even higher in areas that are in the direction of the most common wind patterns.

·         Can you afford extended time off work for cancer treatment with a retirement age of 70?

Increased rates of asthma

·         Additional air pollution produced by airports increases your asthma risk.

·         Blacktown Hospital was rated the worst emergency department in NSW.

Public hospitals were already struggling before Abbott’s 2014 budget cuts. How will the hospitals cope with the extra patients due to increased rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer and asthma caused by Badgerys Creek Airport?

The airport will increase pollution in the surrounding areas:


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