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No funding for fuel pipeline

There is no commitment to construct a dedicated fuel pipeline. Therefore all airport fuel deliveries will be via truck movements.

This will mean extra trucks carrying dangerous goods on our already congested roads.

The Clyde Refinery closure has prompted consideration to establish a fuel depot at Quakers Hill or Doonside. This represents a threat to our environment and health.

An extra 30,000 trucks on the road and no comprehensive plan released for improved road infrastructure

M4 & M5 have current average speeds of between 17 & 28 km/hr. in peak times

At present there is planning for some road upgrades but no comprehensive plan to upgrade road infrastructure to cope with additional trucks let alone additional buses and cars travelling to Badgerys Creek Airport and between Kingsford Smith and Badgerys Creek Airport.

         It is expected that during peak hour the average commute time to Sydney will increase to 2 hours.

         There will be more trucks on the road as the airport will be used for cargo.

         More cars on our major roads travelling to the airport. Increased congestion.

No dedicated rail link

The NSW Government has announced a consultation process for the  extension of the South West Rail Link. The current  proposal is for a short additional link of three stations north and three stations south potentially linking Badgerys Creek to St Mary's. These will be  Links to Nowhere!

None of these stations are major interchanges. The Link should be extended to include Blacktown and Penrith, which are major rail interchange stations in our region.

         The NSW Government is only engaging in the consultation process for a rail link. There is no guarantee that this will proceed.

         Remember how long it took to get a dedicated rail link for Sydney Airport?

         How many times will this vital infrastructure be shelved before it is built?

Increased overcrowding on public transport

         Public transport is already overcrowded in peak hours.

         Air traffic peak times coincide with commuter peak times.

Are you ready to face more overcrowding on your chosen method of public transport to get to and from work?