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Additional jobs promised will not go exclusively to western Sydney residents


·        No government guarantee that jobs and material will be Australian sourced.

·        Substantial reliance on private corporate funding which will want to make a profit rather   than do what’s best for Western Sydney.

·        Job figures vary -- 46,000 jobs were proposed by an economic report commissioned by the proponents and since wildly exaggerated higher figures cited. But this assumes Badgerys Creek remains a cow paddock and will never be developed.

·        Mascot employs approximately 21,000 but QANTAS has announced mass redundancies.

·        How many flights will need to land at Badgerys Creek to support that number of jobs cited in reports?

·        The commissioned Deloitte Access Economics report for the NSW Business Chamber claims a maximum of 46,285 jobs for the entire Sydney region which includes direct and indirect jobs – mainly indirect, which will probably never  translated into real jobs.

·        Ian Watson, a freelance researcher, has written a detailed analysis of Jobs projections at WSA, and found them to be exaggerated. His report is here.

·        Ian Watson, in conjunction with the "Jobs for Western Sydney Working Group", has written a document showing how jobs can be created in Western Sydney without building an Airport. His report is here.