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No curfew equals increased noise 24/7!

         Kingsford Smith Airport (Mascot Airport) has a curfew and three approaches that do not involve any residents.

         Badgerys Creek Airport has no curfew and all approaches and take offs will be affect residential areas.

         Do you want your sleep disturbed if Badgerys Creek Airport is built?

No funding allocated for home insulation

         Do you know how many flights per hour will fly over your house?

  If you are affected, and canít afford to pay for noise reduction insulation, can you cope with a lifetime of broken sleep and unable to talk or hear others when the planes fly overhead?

     Aircraft noise articles: 

    1. The truth about Aircraft Noise. 

    2. Researchers find link between aircraft noise and heart disease.

    3. Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise FICAN Position on Research into Effects of Aircraft Noise on Classroom Learning.

     Videos of fly overs by aircraft approaching Mascot airport  

    1. Jet plane fly over

    2. Jet plane fly over

    3. Small propeller plane fly over

    4. Jet plane fly over   

     Send a Submission on the Air Services Amemdment Bill 

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